Hack Ballet Company 2018-19

Role: Company Dancer

Choreographer: Briar Adams

Director: Briar Adams

Photo credits: Danny Fitzpatrick (Dancers Hulya Levent and Ruaridh Bisset)

Hack Ballet Company is a London based ballet company creating exciting innovative works, fusing contemporary and classical ballet.

“Elicitations” is a triple bill that aims to explore the precarious boundaries between belonging and escape and the emotional complexities in relationships, using an ambitious blend of classical ballet and contemporary dance techniques.

Elicitations is being performed at various venues across the UK through out 2018-19 including 15 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as part of the Greenside Jade Studio Programme at Royal Terrace and also at The Warren as part of Brighton Fringe Festival.

What Reviewers are saying about Elicitations…

“Virtuosic contemporary-ballet” 

“Cool and flawless”

Fringe Review by Nadia Stranhan (May 2019)

“…Grace, was conceived in 2017 and was the highlight of the evening… as the finale, it was much more cohesive and had pace and vigour. The focus and connection between the dancers was clearer, tangible…”

Fest Mag Review by Donald Hutera (Aug 2018)

“There are usually discoveries of some kind to be made at a Fringe dance show. Here it was plain that it was the young Hulya Levent who was the one to watch for the sheer, concentrated pleasure she derives from dancing.”